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If you’ve been in an accident or injured at the fault of someone else…

The deck is stacked against you

When you’re in an auto, truck or motorcycle accident or have sustained an injury, you’ll find yourself in an environment that is designed to minimize any personal injury claim. The police can’t do a complete investigation of every single car collision. This can result in a report in which you appear to be partially at fault for the accident. This happens a lot with motorcycle accidents. When seeking treatment for your injury, you’ll have to deal with medical providers and bill collectors. They don’t care that the accident wasn’t your fault or about your personal injury claim, they just want their money and they want it now. You’ll also have to deal with insurance adjusters and insurance company lawyers. Their bottom line isn’t fairness, it’s money.

You’re in pain, frustrated and overwhelmed

It’s difficult enough to accomplish simple day to day tasks with an injury, but now you have so much more to deal with. Maybe you’ve missed time from work. Maybe you’ve lost your only mode of transportation. While you are trying to focus on healing and getting things back to normal, the phone is ringing and demanding letters are arriving. You’re in an adversarial relationship with hospital bill collectors, insurance company adjustors and lawyers, and maybe even your employer. You certainly have a much higher stress level than you deserve.

You need Lee Patton

There’s a reason Lee Patton is one of the St. Louis area’s most respected personal injury attorneys. He understands the immense pressure and stress you are under and will do the heavy lifting for you. Your job is to focus on getting well while Lee will deal with police, medical providers and insurance companies. Lee believes in getting his clients the fair settlement or judgement they deserve and he gets those settlements with minimal involvement from his clients. When you need a personal injury attorney to genuinely represent your interests and not just settle for a quick buck, you need Lee Patton.

Discuss Your Case for FREE

When you contact Lee and his team, you won’t hear a sales pitch. We will listen to you and determine how to best serve your interests. We’re here to help you.

“Amazing Lawyer, Amazing Person!”

“Lee is a wonderful man, and genuinely cares about his clients, and their individual cases. I was never worried during the process, and Lee made every effort to keep me informed of my situation, and what was next to come. He is organized, and is never too busy to answer questions, or provide advice. I would recommend Lee Patton to anyone who is seeking legal council. He is an amazing lawyer and an even better person! – Richie

How To Protect Yourself In a Personal Injury Situation

Get Medical Attention

Don't attempt to handle any claims until you've seen a medical professional. As the injured party, you might have a duty to ``mitigate your losses``. What that means is that you must take action to ensure that your own neglect doesn't cause further injuries or economic losses.

File a Police Report

Filing a report ensures that you have a record of important information. This should include the contact information of parties that were involved, including any witnesses, and statements concerning the facts involved in the accident.

Say What You Know, Not What You Think

While you should communicate with the other party after an accident, use discretion when speaking. Do not discuss fault, damages, or the state of your physical condition. That's information to share only with the responding police officer(s).

Keep Detailed Records

Write down a detailed account of what happened as soon as possible. Keep all hospital bills, medical statements, damage estimates and bills, and all insurance records. If you've missed work, keep a record of lost wages.

Use Caution When Dealing with Insurance Company

Insurance companies aren't humanitarian organizations, they are businesses. Before you speak with the insurance companies, it's in your best interest to speak with an attorney.

Do Not Sign Anything

Make sure you have a 100% complete understanding of any documents that you are asked to sign. Do not sign anything if you are unsure of what the long term affect of signing the document will have. Again, protect yourself. Speak with Lee.